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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

May I, May You, May We

MAY 2021


We are still isolated but artists are united in Canada with the support of resource groups, memberships, virtual online courses, meetings, exhibitions and galleries… our moods and explorations beyond boundaries are captured in all mediums.

Shrine, temple, bricks, tree roots, overgrown plants, fallen leaves

Our associations and societies request that you continue to support local art and artists. I appreciate the followers on Instagram, Facebook and visitors to the Blackberry Gift Shop in Port Moody Art Centre.

I have been able to share my carvings with many clients and continue with commissioned works.

Our local library was available in March 2021 for Blackberry society’s 18 artists to display for the month and we look forward to more opportunities to exhibit our collective work.

Keep an eye out for the plein air painters or carvers in a local park, for marketplaces to spring up outdoors as we all bust out of this isolation.

I tend to hear the call of a dry, warm, sunny day encouraging me to mount mosaics on the garden wall… and if you’re walking by "The Jester’s house," you will spy a little fantasy and whimsy captured in a fairy garden at the base of our big cedar tree.

This summer promises the continuation of programs such as ART 4 LIFE, and hopefully the annual events we love to attend! See you all there!


Using my scaled miniature work, I have captured one of BC's cedar giants to make us aware of the urgent need to protect them! More info about the cause below, and more about the piece can be found here.

Currently, Caycuse watershed, along Haddon Creek on Vancouver Island, the location of ancient old cedars, is being logged by Teal-Jones.

Photo courtesy: TJ Watt

“I bleed for carving.”


Photo courtesy: MessyNessy


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