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Laurie Jones-Canta - LJC - Artisan

Laurie began has been carving since 2017, studying with Master Carver Al Phillips and Bill Skerret. She has taken courses at Lee Valley with Derek Darling & other professional instructors for carving and pyrography. As a working artist Laurie has produced private commissions and unique works of art from bark, cedar and bass wood. Bark pieces are gnarly, aged and range in all sizes and thickness. They are chosen for their intricate shapes that speak to how their fantasy might be revealed. Lighthouses, boathouses, woodland gnomes, castles, gothic spires and fantasy houses are Laurie's focus. Pieces are often mounted on recycled wood, bark or on painted canvas board.

“I grew up with the Friendly Giant television program and Sunday nights with the Walt Disney Family Show; this was the start of my interest in castles, jesters and miniatures. My home-based craft business in the 1990’s, “Jester Gift Ideas,” launched with children’s name plaques, shadow boxes of children's literature themes, court jesters, clay sculptures and more. My new Jester logo and   updated branding reflects the whimsical, fantasy themes found in my carving work.”

For more information regarding commissions or sales, please feel free to reach out through the contact form or the links below.


Laurie lives and works out of Coquitlam, British Columbia.


She is a proud member of Artists for Conservation, as well as an active member of the following groups:

Carvings are sold in the Blackberry Gift Shop and Place des Arts Artisan Shop.

Displays can be found throughout the year at:

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Wood carving tool

Photography by Bev Bogdanow

and Laurie Jones-Canta

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