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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

Recovering A Connection

May 2022


Here we are, Spring again, with weather that warms us and new growth in nature that calls for us to notice new beginnings. After two years of Covid pandemic that seemed to fuel, and dynamically focus, my own creative energy... the inevitable bumps, blocks and u-turns arrived.

Shrine, temple, bricks, tree roots, overgrown plants, fallen leaves

I lost the joy, the fun, the connection. Self-sabotage sends one scurrying back into a cave.

Accepting a place where there is not always constant health and production helps in being prepared for the detours – avoiding the bumps.

As artists we are honing our listening skill with ability to hear past our censor, to hear the voice of inspiration. The Direction is important, it’s not about ‘thinking something up,' it’s the opposite –getting something down. We get the message where there is no ‘strain.' We may start with a plan but then we become the conduit, where we tune in and drop down into the flow – like an underground stream. I like to think of it as transmitted radio waves, but for a while there I wasn’t picking up. I waited, then I simply ‘went to work.' There’s faith in it, in listening to that second voice in the Universe. Expect the Universe to support your dream and it will.

I knew I was lacking inspiration when I procrastinated entering Calls to Artists, preparing for rejection, but I am always surprised when an Acceptance message arrives! ‘The Towers’ will be featured in “ON THE EDGE” Exhibition at Federation Gallery this summer at Granville Island and I have been asked to pair up with another Artist to exhibit in the Hope Gallery in October. The Dogwood carving group will be on full display for two summer months in the Dogwood Centre. The shops: Blackberry Gift Shop and Place Des Arts continue to display and sell my carvings. I love having such loyal fans and followers on Instagram, Facebook and visitors to my website. The artist child in me cannot get enough of the joy and delight my creations bring to others. I am reminded of this quote when I have self-doubt, feel stuck in routine or become blocked…

We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures. Take a risk a day—one SMALL or BOLD stroke that will make you feel great once you have done it. – Susan Jeffers

Photo courtesy: Michael Schwan


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