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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

Power In Numbers

January 20, 2020


There’s some significance in the 20.2020 in not seeing the triple numbers again?!

It appears it might be important & maybe we will be challenged to think 20 good thoughts or do 20 good deeds.

Coy fish swimming in flooded abandoned mall

A numerologist might answer such a curious ponder.

An astrologist might have us aligned.

Current requests have been for carvings of castles & towers.

With the popularity of Harry Potter Movies, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Crown, Downton Abbey and other period pieces in film, there appears to be a fixation on the imagery, scenery and settings of this genre…It captures people’s imaginations perhaps conjuring up memories of Fairy Tales, nursery rhymes, Fables, Stories of Wizards, witches, magicians, Kings, Queens, knights and princesses…Walt Disney kept many alive for decades.

I have created a gothic tower complete with spires and flags for a family member with added lighting. I am currently preparing a slab of bark to design a portion of two towers resembling Hogwarts wing.

It will be a unique rendition, not a copy…and my issue will be deciding on the scale as there are many commercial creations distributed such as LEGO and building bricks.

I will consider matching the scale of those constructions.

A fascination of mine in nature is also birds of prey, specifically Owls so I will be working in the bird character, Hedwig in some way. I often include miniatures which I do not create myself.

Stay tuned for the outcome.

Also, on the front burner is a relief woodcarving of a crow I am doing for myself out of basswood.

To my neighbour’s chagrin, I feed a family of crows on my back porch & in the back yard. While waiting on the railing one day, two decided to have a beak to beak sword fight using twigs…it was positively entertaining. I look forward to more antics from these punk rockers. I heard it described that crows are ‘the bike gangs of the sky’…flying off as a murder at the end of each day for some far-off mysterious resting place only to appear each morning squawking if I'm delayed appearing…


Photo courtesy: Jesse Rockwell


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