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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

An Intro

January 01, 2020


Welcome to a place where I may share my creative thoughts with you on the struggles and victories of a working Artist.

It’s a fight to create, it’s a fight to survive, it’s a fight to be relevant, it’s a fight to make a difference… it makes the journey a rebellion.

Carving Cottonwood Bark is currently my focus but I also work in mosaic, multi & mixed media, acrylics. Inspiration comes from children’s literature & illustrators, stories, films,nature, current events, stage production, & people’s passions.

Abandoned building, overgrown plants

Here is a quick beginning:

An artwork is the setting for the discovery and sharing of concerns; insofar as it revises collective experience via individual intention, it is always already an act of civil disobedience.

Carving old wood – is working on items of decay, how discarded wood takes on another life, defying the medium of bark from protection of a tree to housing an idea of something else entirely…

...though it has fallen, and may have settled on the riverbank from being submerged, it speaks!

In the lineage of Buddhist wood carving that's at the heart of Japanese Buddhism. The Busshi ... If you are a novice, you cannot disobey nature and the seniors.


Photo courtesy: Jonathan Jimenez


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