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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

All Work, No Play

February 2020


For those of you following me, I have unveiled the commissioned relief carving of Manitoba grain elevator (Swan Lake) made of basswood – completely carved by hand.

I worked through three carving workshops and calculate conservatively that I put 50 hours into the piece…

I agonized over the finishing and chose to burn the shading and add Van Dyke Brown and hunter & olive green acrylic.

Abandoned pool, overgrown plants

I have much appreciation for master carvers, and family artists and friends for the valuable feedback. The frame was finished in 3 coats of Early American stain and 3 coats of satin diamond coat.

The same day as unveiling was also the setup of Display at Port Moody City Hall.

My work in cottonwood bark is featured with plein air painter Alison White. It’s an opportunity offered to Blackberry Artists Society monthly. I hope you get a chance to check it out.

My latest work includes two relief carvings: Crow and Sun, which will take the most part of the woodworking classes that run for several weeks into March…and I am already signed up for the next set.

This allows me to work in the woodshop where I plan to utilize a power dremel.

Bark carvings include a Hogwarts Inspiration for a large and small set of towers(mentioned in a previous post), and a rendition of the Rocky Mountaineer train in the Fraser Canyon.

As I tire of working on one piece, I can move through a variety of projects. I hope to have at least one or more near completion by the end of the month.


Photo courtesy: Michael Schwan


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