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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

It's The Holiday Season

November - December 2020


Summer may be over on the West Coast, the Fall leaves are coming down in earnest with the big October winds, the harvest is complete, the apple pies have been devoured!

Bricks, tree roots, overgrown plants, fallen leaves

Now it’s official! The countdown is on to actually present and sell my work with 18 other Artists for the Blackberry Christmas Marketplace 2020.

Beginning November 12th through December 22nd you might like to attend Christmas Marketplace and Winter Treasures which will be mounted and accessible. Following social distance protocol, wearing masks, I am hopeful people will attend and enjoy! Artists are pulling out all the stops on their creativity – if you are still able to be a part of gift giving and small holiday celebrations, you will find wonderful handmade treasures to share.The tree ornaments are particularly popular and items that require Secret Santa to keep to a budget…

My own carvings include Harry Potter inspired pieces, large and small, castles, lighthouses, nightlights and small elf houses directly from the North Pole…You simply must come!

I am including free shipping within Canada if you wish to send a gift & a small fee if sending International. I have a custom order from Scotland this year – thank you to my Website, Facebook and Instagram fans!

Come FIND me and explore!


Photo courtesy: Johnny Joo


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