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  • Laurie Jones-Canta

A Whole New Year

January - February 2021


Ends and new beginnings, sadness and hope; the man who challenged me to capture his childhood home of Swan Lake Manitoba in a relief carving has sadly passed away.

Shrine, temple, bricks, tree roots, overgrown plants, fallen leaves

I had taken my time finishing what he inspired me to do and presented it January 2020. His last message to me in December was how much he got daily enjoyment out of the carving and promised a lunch treat as soon as Covid restrictions were lifted… So sorry to see him go.

Then my Master carving mentor Bill Skerrett has also said his final farewell. I met him one day carving a small lighthouse in the park on a sunny day... those encouraging words, “You could do this! Come by on Monday afternoons & see what you think?!” That was five years ago – it’s the best afternoon of the week with fellow carvers!

As a "creative rescue" for the end of 2020 as a working artist, I joined Art Focus Port Coquitlam and they featured me on Instagram which was sheer delight; my “Little Lunenberg” carving on canvas looks great!

Through their contact I subscribed for two years to the Artists’ Journal. That in turn prompted an entry into a free Exhibition of my “Hogwarts Train” with Langley Arts Council... more about that this Spring!

Get what you can, I say?! AND with the opening of January 2021 I have submitted “Littles” (small detail carved houses, below) to Place Des Arts Artisan Shop, an Art Centre in Maillardville, Coquitlam. My walk about the shop and gallery, viewing current works gave me inspiration!


Newly completed carved works include:

  • 2 ft Owlery

  • 2 ft Treehouse with ladders

  • The Hobbiton: welcome to the Shire, will be featured soon.

While the nagging unfinished projects I started last year will get done methodically as they keep calling:

  • Basswood Relief Crow

  • Basswood Sun

  • Puss ‘n’ Boots Shadowbox

Look for these and more in March!


Photo courtesy: Romain Thiery

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