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Dogwood Carvers' Group Tower

Communal, ‘in-the-round’ carving by a group of artists; master and novice carvers - personal contribution is the two-sided tree, 2019-2021.

Cottonwood bark from Northern BC

To be featured as a permanent display @ Dogwood Senior Centre - Coquitlam, BC

Instructor and Master Carver Al Phillips carved two sections and completed the final seal and finish. The original idea was suggested by carver Malcolm McPhail and, over the course of many months, each carver added their own style and signature to the piece.

Contributing carvers listed at the bottom of this page.

Contributing Carvers:

Al Phillips

Bev Bogdanow

Bill Skerret


Christine Stanley

David Smith

Karen Langlois

Karen Myton

Laurie Jones-Canta

Lori Yellowega

Mal McPhail

Margaret Coulter

Mario Acosta
Phil Wilson

Tom Hamade


Photography by Bev Bogdanow

and Laurie Jones-Canta

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