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The Seven Sisters

Part of the “Trees, Glorious Trees” Series in the Hope Arts Gallery(October 2022), this grove of trees were among the tallest trees in the world in the middle of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. People in the 1900s would gather to view ancient growth; a place that was mystical, magical and magnetic in its draw of visitors who felt they were in a Cathedral. The trees, unfortunately, had to be cut down. There is a plaque identifying the original stumps nearby and a re-planting by Park Commissioners in September 1988 was completed in an attempt to grow 7 more giants.

Cottonwood bark, acrylic paint, mounted on live-edge cut

Size approx. 14” x 10.5” X 7”

$300.00 (for sale - email LJC) @ Hope Arts Gallery (349 Fort Street, Hope)

Photography by Bev Bogdanow 

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